Excitement of New Beginnings

In BusinessJanuary 11, 20233 Minutes

Excitement of New Beginnings

New Beginnings

All of us have been on a life journey to where we are now. Some of us have travelled farther and wider, but we’ve all learned many lessons along the way. Now as a returning ex-pat after 30 years away, my aim is to share that learning while continuing to add new experiences.

These experiences include a new business venture through which I plan to be the Best Coach I Can Be. So, I’m delighted to announce my new venture, ‘Karen Oliver – Coaching Conversations’.

Being comfortable to be uncomfortable sounds like an oxymoron. But it simply means embracing the excitement of being slightly out of control, to step outside our safe places into a world where new experiences add to our insights.

First Blog

This is my first blog, which feels new and exciting until a voice of doubt tries to join the conversation, raising the alarm, ‘you’ve never written a blog before’, ‘you’re stepping outside of your comfort zone’. Which is when I take a deep breath and remind myself that being ‘comfortable to be uncomfortable’ is where the learning really begins.

If this sounds familiar, then you will know it is not always easy: so I’m sharing some ideas that can help you move forward:

Find a motivational quote that speaks to you.

Here’s a favourite of mine: “I didn’t come this far, to only come this far’ by Jesse Itzler.

Try this standing up looking in the mirror and ‘punch the air’ as you say it. Does that feel silly? That’s great! You’re already outside your comfort zone 😊.

Focus on an image, object or photo close at hand.

To remind you ‘yes, you can’ as you take small steps forward to get back on track. Many years ago, I worked with a foreign exchange manager who carried a photo of his daughter in his wallet to remind him why networking, which he found hard, was key to helping him achieve his career goals.

Take a deep breath - and before you know it, small steps become strides and you will start to enjoy exploring new beginnings with a fresh pair of eyes.

Thanks for sharing my journey, and if this reminds you that something is getting in your way, join me for a Coaching Conversation.

Best wishes,