Karen Oliver ⸻
- In the changing world of work, a Coaching Conversation with a Master Coach (MCC) and strategic partner to focus on career direction and an action plan to achieve career goals.
- In a world where cultural diversity and inclusion are key, a Coaching Conversation to increase cultural awareness supporting individuals preparing for expat assignments.
- For leaders and professionals a Coaching Conversation to overcome challenges, engage key stakeholders and explore new opportunities for continued success.

Hello, I’m Karen Oliver

Over the years it has been my pleasure to work in different countries and cultures and one thing I know is true about all the wonderful people I have met: they all want to be their best – however they define it. Our work together often meant stepping outside of their comfort zone to achieve a goal and with me as their coach and partner dreams were realised.

If you have ideas and dreams and are ready to move forward let’s talk.

I am a Master Coach (MCC), and as your coaching partner you will have my complete support and dedication. If you need to ‘buckle up’ and go off road, I’ll be there to work with you to assess and ‘fine tune’ your action plans to achieve your goals.

If plans include developing your own business, the entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely one. In addition to providing support, with a coach in your corner you’ll experience a level of empathy you might not receive from your colleagues, as well as a sounding board for all your ideas and dreams.

Looking forward to hearing from you – what have you got to lose!

Wondering what a Coaching Conversation is?Consider this:

You have career goals…but how do you get there from here? How do you overcome the roadblocks and diversions? How do you stay on the right track?

A professional coach becomes your “thinking partner,” helping to dispel doubt and turn hesitancy into action. Your coach understands that you have the answers: the coaching conversation helps keep you on course and supports the journey to your goals through the skillful use of listening, questioning and honest feedback.

Coaching conversations clarify, motivate and inspire by maintaining focus on goals while capturing your own insights on the journey.

If you are ready to learn more, here are 3 key Coaching Conversation Programmes for you.

Career and transitionto achieve career goals

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Professional and personalto achieve leadership goals

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Expatriatespreparing for assignment or returning

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Years practical experience


60 minute coaching sessions one-to-one


More rounded view outcome